The ROI of Outsourcing Your Architectural Renders

Describing the past year as unprecedented no longer comes as a shock to us as it did around March 2020. Unprecedented became the new normal. We have become accustomed to our mask wearing, social distancing days and we continue to power through the second year of social and economic disruption. Countless industries were affected by the pandemic; the architecture and design industry was not an exception. 

Having worked remotely, we came to see how efficient it is to schedule a zoom call and host a meeting within a couple of minutes. We miss the daily interactions or the office jokes, but the commuting time saved and the flexibility earned well make up for it. With a remotely working team, many companies have experienced flexibility which is very similar to the experience of outsourcing work to a specialized firm. Here is why outsourcing your architectural rendering will boost your ROI.

Why should architects and designers outsource their architectural rendering?

Outsourcing to a niche specific firm, allows you to leverage other people’s skill, knowledge and time. If 3D render production is not at the core of your business, having an inhouse team on your payroll will exhaust your resources. For just one fully operational 3D artist, the firm needs to supply and maintain adequate hardware, multiple software licenses and pay the employee a salary, inclusive of vacation and sick days. Suffice it to say, that to keep updated with the industry and new technology available, your employee would need to undergo habitual training and attend yearly conferences. This will run you close to an 80K initial investment  (depending on where you are located), and there are only so many projects your employee can deliver simultaneously. 

Rabat Townhouse by Studio G. Check out the full project here 

Why should architects and designers outsource their architectural rendering?

The cost of modelling and rendering a project ranges immensely. This assessment is based on the size of the project and the level of detail and realism the project requires. Hiring an artist on Fiverr to produce a render for a 300$ will guarantee a very low level visual, as D2 Conference Founder Fabio Palvelli has very well demonstrated in his video. The odds of the artist not delivering are high and any self respecting architect or designer can draw up something much better with the skills learned throughout their studies. 

Collaborating with a tried and tested firm like DPRO Studio will offer you customer based service, and will keep you in the loop throughout the entire project. We have a benchmark level of realism to our work, will cater to your budget and will ensure your peace of mind when it comes to the timely delivery of the project. Prices start from 700Euro and may range even up to 10,000Euro per render, depending on the level of work and area span required to be 3D built. 

Our company will handle all the 3D heavy lifting and be contractually obliged to execute the work as per your specifications. Even with photorealistic renders retailing at 1,000Euro each, it would likely take an inhouse designer the same amount of time to finalize one adequate render, as it takes our firm to deliver the first drafts of the entire project. 

Boosting your portfolio with 3D Visualization.

Collaborating with experts in this field, will guarantee time and time again that your work is represented through the most eloquent presentation. The photorealism in the work will communicate your architecture and design to clients clearly. It will also offer the added benefit of increasing your portfolio, even if the project is not seen through to finalization. 

This is an excellent opportunity for small – mid range companies to boost their work and compete with larger, more established firms. Take a page from architecture giants Zaha Hadid Architects, BIG and Snøhetta, and get in touch with a firm who can immerse your client into their space, prior to having anything built. Building a tight-knit relationship with a specialized 3D rendering firm makes this possible and saves you thousands of overhead costs. Not to mention, that this fee may be billed directly to the client. 

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