CGI For Furniture Catalogues

There are numerous reasons 3D rendering is replacing the interior photoshoot when it comes to launching furniture catalogues and campaigns. This has now been done for years and given the level of realism architectural visualization firms are able to achieve, the end result is practically indistinguishable from a professionally shot photograph. 

CGI offers a vast level of flexibility and to say the sky’s the limit, is an understatement. Say furniture company X is about to launch a new campaign targeting a select set of customers. The modularity of hiring a CGI team will allow this company to compose each interior scene published in their catalog, specifically tailored to engage the attention of each potential client. Upholstery fabrics can be interchangeable to showcase versatility and lighting can be set to any time of the day to best reflect the instance the user will interact with the furniture. Layout composition, ambiance, material finishes and scale are tools at your disposal. Once these pieces are 3D modelled, they can be reproduced and upgraded for any future campaigns.

There is no physical photographic studio setup to this process, no problems of storage once the furniture shoot is over and there is no waste in material; better yet there is no waste in time. Designers and stylists work in tandem with the 3D visualization team to best reflect the vision of the company; to curate the most relatable scenarios, making the clients feel at home as they scroll through the freshly launched catalogues. Having a space resonate with your audience is what will get them through the door. Why not take the most streamlined, cost effective route to achieving this?

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