DPRO is heading to London Build – Festival of Construction 16 & 17 November 2022

The Expo 

Next week a legion of professionals from a diverse collective of related industries, will emerge from the woodwork (pun intended), to attend the annual London Build Expo.  

From influential stakeholders, leading researchers, start-ups, small to large scale firms and creatives; to government representatives, technocrats and innovators – all corners of our wider community will convene to create an exciting medium for knowledge sharing and exchanging of ideas that are revolutionising our future canvas.



‘Sustainability’ and ‘reducing our carbon footprint’ are phrases that have saturated communications and taglines in our recent landscape, and perhaps are now even skirting around the edges of the infamous buzzword trap. 

Although progress in the sustainability space has at times felt like a slow burn, we have observed real momentum and a genuine shift in attitudes and industry culture. This is making it more practical for smaller firms (like DPRO) to make valuable contributions to adopting and promoting a more sustainable approach, without risking isolation from acquisition of projects, due to the higher price point often necessary to do so. 

We are both excited and encouraged by this direction and will continue to align with this trajectory, integrating accountability into our standards, and avoid capping commitment at temporary, on trend rhetoric.  


Web3 technology is another exciting development space that we look forward to engaging with at London Build. 

Positioned to cradle us into a new era of the internet, Web3 advocates are outlining potential benefits to two major components of our current experience. 

Ownership: Through decentralisation, blockchain backed technology means increased accessibility and control over your data, creating a network where anyone can participate, be credited, and compensated for their work. 

Environmental impact: The technology also seeks to provide a system that requires less energy-intensive resources to function than Web2 (current system).

Women & Diversity

The largest meeting of women in construction takes place at London Build each year! With our Co-Founder & Managing Director and Senior 3D Artist & Team Leader, both at the core of all facets of our operations, we are proud of the female representation in the fabric and DNA of DPRO. 

Having an internationally based team also allows us to access and apply a diverse and broad flow of influence to our approach, avoiding silos and importantly, increasing our agility to efficiently understand and execute our projects through an international lens.  

Heading to the Conference?

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